HEM works proactively and autonomously


You are willing to come forward and solve any work that someone has to do, even if it's annoying or reluctant.

Even if it doesn't show, you do things that improve your company's environment.

You are active and happy to collaborate with other employees and departments.


You communicate effectively with your boss and colleagues about your work.

You work harmoniously through smooth communication with other teams.

You try to solve business problems caused by poor communication.


You grasp the overall context of the business and prioritize the work within it.

You set your own deadlines and schedules to do the work on time.

You understand your role and self-motivate to do your job.


You grow up more in your ability to perform tasks than you did in the first place, so you are more proficient.

You have established a more mutually understanding relationship by constantly trying to communicate with your team members.

You grow up more to serve others and teams than you did in the beginning, so you serve naturally.